About School

Maa Saraswati Public Senior Secondary School is an English medium, Co - educational school situated on Haridwar - Delhi N.H - 54 in Bahadrabad outskirt of Haridwar. The school is managed by the registered body of Maa Saraswati Samiti. With a mission of providing education which can inspire the brain of each individual student not just till the head by going on stereotype path so that every student might have a successful story to fell to the new generation. Maa Saraswati Public School has been excelling value based and quality education under the guidance of experienced teachers and the morals displayed by our great mentor Shri Dayanand Chauhan Ji who laid the foundation stone of the school on 1.07.2005. Our resolution is to make the students physically, mentally, emotionally intellectually and spiritually healthy to give them a holistic overview.


At Maa Saraswati Public School innovation is the buzzword. We believe in learning things by gaining hands on experience by doing, thinking, problem solving, listening, talking, reading, playing, sharing and role playing making learning a joyful experience.

The school supports an education system that emphasizes “Experiential learning”. The focus is on challenging the students to explore new ideas and hone their capabilities and skills. With well-equipped and state of the art laboratories, the students are provided opportunities to question, explore, examine, hypothesize and draw inferences thus building a scientific temperament. At Maa Saraswati Public School children are encouraged to forge ties with nature and our activities are designed to help students realize the role of sustainable development. We aim at promoting psychological and physical development of each child by providing a suitable educational environment. This includes various educational activities centered on play. Our curriculum stresses on, “Healthy life”, “Social life”, “Expressive life”, “Communication life” and “Enquiry life” to develop the social, intellectual and emotional quotient of a child. Our classrooms and activities are designed in such a manner that they put a child at ease and stimulate learning. For us, it is imperative that the school be a place where a child is happy.